Jackson, Kentucky

Pastor Charles Powers

I have the privilege of serving the Lord in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains at a small Christian boarding school in Jackson, KY.


Ministry looks very different on campus than it does anywhere else, we have the opportunity to minister to students from all walks of life 24/7. All of the staff and students live on campus and God is always opening doors for conversations and ministry opportunities.


While we are affiliated with a denomination, our on-campus pastor has not only welcomed, but encouraged the addition of a weekly liturgical service. This has been a great opportunity for me to introduce many of our students to the richness of the liturgy and sacraments, as many of them have never experienced this type of worship. It is so exciting to see the students (and staff alike) come and glean the riches of God through the evening service or compline.


I am also able to use my Christian Counseling when dealing not only with students, but with family members who are facing difficulties with their children. God is moving in wonderful ways and we are praying for revival within the hearts of the students we serve, the staff, the community, the state, the country and then the world!