Hello from The Great White North!

Weyburn, Saskatchewan

Grant and Marta


I am Grant, I was recently ordained in historic succession as a missionary priest.  I'm also the Lead Pastor at Life Centre Church in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. Myself, my wife, and our two boys moved across the border from Washington state and Oregon, transferring our allegiance to the Queen. 

Canada is an incredibly diverse place and very much post Christian (and COLD!). In our church, 9 nations and 7 first languages are represented! A recent statistic showed that 88% of Canadians do not attend church, and we have discovered first-hand just how very few people here engage with the Gospel. In fact, just 9% of our city attends church. A whopping 0 of our neighbours are a part of a church family. 

Ministry is a challenge here. Canada is a huge nation (2nd in area only to Russia) with the population of California. The result is ministries are very spread out and few and far between. Add in harsh winters and the fact that most churches and ministries here are struggling just to survive, and you see a rather challenging environment. For icing on the cake, Canada is not overly friendly to the Church (not hostile, but not supportive) and most people here could be characterized as ‘happily tolerant [of all beliefs, lifestyles]’, a term coined by a long time missionary here. 


The Lord has called 8 families from around the world to Canada, specifically Saskatchewan, in the past year and a half, to do work for the harvest here! And there is MUCH work to be done.


Here at Life Centre, we are in process of reorienting our vision to be one that is more apostolic in nature; that is, involved in planting new ministries in homes, partnering or starting up new community services or organizations, sending missionaries to the field and raising leaders to be disciples of Christ in their individual contexts. There have been prophetic words that the Lord will be starting a ‘Prairie Fire’ of revival here, and Life desires to be a part of what the Lord is doing!