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July 20th, 2021

Are We In The Beginning of a 4th Wave Revival?

by Fr. Jon Aamodt

After returning from a ministry trip to Southern California, I have the following reflections:

"As California Goes, So, Goes The Nation".  Demonic principalities and powers have conspired to make California the nation's leader in all things "woke and wicked" to influence the nation, but as Paul wrote in Romans 5:20 "But where sin increased, grace increased all the more".  The enemy will regret the day he tried to use California as his "Death Star" to corrupt, control, and destory the nation. As much as the enemy tries to use California, God will use it all the more.

​"Can These Dry Bones Live?" God is "vivifying" His people in California. Dry bones are coming to life, simmering embers are starting to rekindle in the life of believers, and forgotten callings are being awakened in the lives of believers.

​A Fourth Wave Move of the Holy Spirit is About to Be Released:  The Holy Spirit's geyser of revival that overflowed in The Azuza Street Revival, The Mainline Charismatic Renewal, and The Jesus Movement is ready to erupt. The shock waves will spread to other regions. The impact will depend on the receptivity of the Church/es in those regions.

This Fourth Wave Move Will Happen at The Grassroots Level: This will happen at the "grassroots" level.  "Big Churches and Ministries" will have to decide whether or not to bless it, but they will not be able to capture or control it.

Gather in The Homes: While not downplaying the impact of larger gatherings, the Holy Spirit's fire is in home gatherings.  From there, the Holy Spirit will move in power and release people into the streets, just as He did in Acts 2.