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November 23, 2021

Post Pandemic World: Conspiracy or Coincidence? Part 1

by Bp. Jon

Views expressed above do not necessarily express those of The Society of St. Patrick and St. Aidan

In many places in scripture we are told to “be alert”, “keep watch”, “be on guard”.  In light of these admonitions I’m amazed at how unaware Spirit filled believers are to the growing trend of authoritarian governmental control over personal liberties, and big tech control over our personal information and privacy.

Daily news articles detail these trends. Here’s just a handful: Proposals of IRS expansion and monitoring of personal bank accounts, cryptic omnibus legislation of astronomical government spending on various programs, vax passports, public health mandates resulting in the firing of great numbers workers, and ever creeping governmental regulation of church business and gatherings.  Also alarming, are recent articles detailing the collusion by global business interests, government, and big tech to unduly impact (rig?) the last presidential election. See “Rigged … Even The Brits Are Saying So” https://stream.org/rigged-even-the-brits-are-saying-so/


None the less, many people are beginning to become “woke” to these tends of creeping totalitarian control.  In Australia, Canada, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, and other European countries,  these trends have been more extreme. Police are assaulting and arresting people who refuse to show their vax passport “papers”. Pastors are being arrested and churches fined and seized for not enforcing health mandates. Thousands of people, from diverse backgrounds, have taken to the streets to protest the loss of their civil rights.

In light of these ominous trends, many folks are wondering if a global cabal is conspiring on what is termed “The Great Reset”.  In my opinion, “No”, this totalitarian current rushing into the “democratic” West is too widespread, and too transparent, to be engineered by any group- no matter how elite.  What we are seeing is a conspiracy of antichrist powers, principalities in the heavenlies with demonic operations on Earth.  I believe diabolical forces are conspiring to usher in the Antichrist.

While the soon appearance of the “man of sin” is not a foregone conclusion, Covid is giving secular governments the means and technologies to control their citizens. Churches, pastors, and people who stand in their way will be humbled and humiliated. Remember, the government is doing this “all for your safety”.