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Process to Ordination

The Process for Licensed and Ordained Ministers from a Church or Denomination not in Historic Succession

We’re very excited about your interest in ordination in historic apostolic succession in The Society! Let us be clear, we already regard you as a true minister of the Gospel of Jesus. None the less, we believe that there is an anointing of grace in Holy Orders and we believe it's an important rite in our communion of churches, and you probably feel the same way since you are thinking about ordination in the Society.

This process depends on your ministerial experience and your biblical and theological knowledge. Most often, the process is streamlined and shortened.  Ministers from Charismatic, Evangelical, and Pentecostal churches will usually need to increase their knowledge in the sacramental dimension of the Gospel, and grow in experience, knowledge, and theology of liturgical practices.  This isn't intended to be an arduous process.  Most transferring ministers experience it as an adventure in living liturgy.  Any in case, our bishop will gladly guide you through obtaining Holy Orders.


Please contact Bishop Wayne or Father Jon and they will gladly set up a phone or video visit with you to share more about ordination in  The Society.

The Process for those who are Matriculating or Graduated from Ministerial School

We're grateful that you are considering obtaining Holy Orders in The Society. We would love to encourage and help you fulfill the calling and vision that the Lord is putting in your heart.

Your process to ordination would typically forego the one year discernment process, and would begin with a mutually agreed on period of time for "Nomination" and "Postulancy" that would lead to Ordination.  During this time you would continue to serve in your present ministry, or you could begin to serve in a new ministry.

The Process for those Beginning to Consider Holy Orders

We give thanks to the Lord that you are exploring giving your life to God in a vocation of Christian ministry.  When one feels that they are called to be ordained as a deacon or priest, they enter a process of discernment.  This is a time of prayer, reflection, dialogue, and study to discover the direction to which one is feeling called by God. It is a formational journey done in community, under the oversight of the Bishop and the discerner's pastor.  Sometimes this journey might lead a person to understand that they are called to serve God through other means than Holy Orders.​ Many other times, this reflective process will confirm and strengthen the call to Holy Orders. From start to finish... it is typically a three year process.

Note: If you do not have a relationship with someone in the Society, please directly contact Bp. Wayne or Bp. Jon

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