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Medicine Hat, Alberta

Hello from The Great White North!

Greetings, this Fr Grant. I'm currently serving as Associate Pastor at Victory Lutheran Church in Medicine Hat, Alberta 

Fr. Grant and Marta Crichton


I was previously serving as Lead Pastor at Life Centre Church in Saskatchewan, when Marta and I both received calls from the Lord to the community of Medicine Hat. After much prayer, I reached out to Victory Lutheran, and discovered that they were about to begin a search for a new Associate Pastor. I met with the leadership there, and there was a deep mutual feeling of shared vision.

Victory Lutheran is a growing and vibrant parish. It operates in the 3 streams of Deep commitment to Scripture, a Sacramental life, and an Openness to the power and gifts of the Spirit. Additionally, Victory seeks to be a church planting and pastor sending church, to reach the region and beyond!

Currently, Medicine Hat is in need of revival. While this city of 65,000 used to be a centre of faith and church activity, it has gone down the road of much of Canada, walking away from faith and church. However, due to its past, Medicine Hat finds itself with an awareness and openness to faith and the Church, and in these days of fear and the unknown, people are beginning to turn back to the Lord. 

I'm also working on building ecumenical bridges, raising lay leaders, and establishing a vision to grow the Kingdom in this region. 

Please keep the Great White North in your prayers! While the nation is far from the Christian nation it once was, God is doing a mighty work up here and is raising workers for the harvest!

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