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Partner Your Church or Ministry

Is your church or ministry focused on missional work like church planting or evangelism? Do our ministry values and expressions connect with you and your church?  If so, please consider partnering your church with The Society. There are two ways your church can connect with us:​

​1.  Partner with us as an ecumenical member, and maintain your identity in another denomination, or as an independent church or ministry.

2. Formally affiliate with us through the Society.  This will include your church, or ministry, as part of international Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches.

Please contact us for more information on how The Society might best encourage, help, and support you.  Our main goal is, not to expand our Society, but to expand the kingdom of God.

Reasons Churches are Interested in Partnering


  • A missional church that moving in a direction of “Convergence”- embodying the Evangelical, Charismatic, and Sacramental streams of Jesus’ ministry and spirituality into their church expression.


  • A missional church that is interested in connecting with the apostolic church through historic apostolic succession.

  • A missional church whose present denomination has abandoned biblical orthodoxy and wants to partner for spiritual and ministry support.

  • An missional independent congregation that feels the need for spiritual covering and the call to affiliate with a larger group.

  • A missional church that is seeking a deeper experience of liturgy and sacrament,  or with the gifts and ministry of The Holy Spirit, and wants to reach out for resources in exploring and introducing them to your church.

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