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Another New Priest and Apostolic Missioner

On May 6th, 2022 Pastor Grant Crichton will be ordained a priest in historic apostolic succession by Bp. Jon Aamodt at the Walla Walla Presbyterian Church Chapel.

Fr. Grant will also be appointed as an apostolic missioner to Western Canada.


New Priest and Missionary Bishop

On September 13th, 2021 Fr. Chase Crichton was ordained a priest in historic apostolic succession and Fr. Jon Aamodt was consecrated as a missionary bishop at Linwood Chapel in Oklahoma City by Archbishop Wayne Boosahda and other CEEC bishops.

Fr. Chase and Bp. Jon are strategically located on the west coast of the USA.



Click the picture above for a link to our Facebook Event page or join us at this Zoom link on December 12th at 7:30pm Central USA time.

August 2020

Margie McCaslin Ordained as a Missionary Bishop

Margie McClaslin, a priest in The Society of St. Patrick and St. Aidan, was ordained as a missionary bishop by Archbishop Wayne Boosahda and other CEEC bishops in Oklahoma.  Bishop Margie ministers in Denver, Colorado and will be working on planting a new missional church planting network called "Whitewater Abbey". 


June 2020

Missionary Priests on the Streets and in the Homes

“Three CEEC priests walk into a gun shop and one priest says to the owner…” 

It sounds like the opening line of a joke… but it really happened during two days in June 2020 as Fr. Chase, Fr. Dave, and Fr. Jon went out and ministered in the streets and homes in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon.


Here’s a quick mini mission sampler of two days of ministry in June-

Up early and down very late each day   Team ministry in the streets and in homes. Supernatural HEALINGS occurred for:

+ Dr. diagnosed stress fracture in foot (2 weeks). Heals immediately when testimonies from earlier in the day were given about a foot healing (didn’t even need to be prayed for)

+ Dr diagnosed torn rotator cuff (surgery was scheduled for next week, now it can be cancelled)

+ Astonishing Word of Knowledge for back injury for businessman.


+ Business owner (immigrant from 10/40 window country) who’s foot had once been ran over by truck.  Word of Knowledge and prayer.  Pain is now gone.  It all happened while he was on the phone with his friend who was in a country that is closed to the Gospel. He interpreted everything that happened to his friend on the phone. The Gospel of Mark, in native language, was given to him as a gift.

+ Headaches gone (3 people)

+ Nausea gone

+ knee pain improved (3 people)

+ Acid reflux gone

+ Demonized person delivered (demon left as soon as prayer started and the darkness lifted as one of our priests sprinkled blessed water, laid on hands, and spoke in tongues with very strong prayer and the afflicted person’s countenance dramatically changed).  We were praying for the person as he just had a cancerous brain tumor removed and the doctor said without radical treatment it will return in a few months. Also, anointed with oil.

+ In-person, prayed blessings on multiple people, businesses, and pet in front of veterinary clinic.

+ Many other encouraging on-target words of knowledge given.

+ Gospel shared.

+ Dark stronghold of Jehovah’s witnesses cultic influence identified and prayed against in food court area

+ Holy Spirit soaked home church meetings with multiple Holy Spirit renewal type manifestations including healing.  Strong open vision during communion, and prophetic word and scriptures given.  Emotional healing also occurring strongly in people.  Weeping and laughter.

+ Bonds of Christian fellowship strengthened regardless of church affiliation.


There is more we could report in the two days of ministry… but let’s end with…

“Three priests go into a gun shop and they prayed for the owner's failing knees.  As the priests leave the owner says “My knees are shaking”.  May the Spirit of God shake our communities with the Good News that Jesus is Lord!

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