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The Isle of Lindisfarne where St. Aidan founded a missional community to evangelize the Anglo-Saxons of North Umbria.

We Are Connectional,

Ecumenical, Relational, and Missional

The Society of St. Patrick and St. Aidan is inspired by the ancient Celtic missionaries and by the evangelical mission societies of the 18th and 19th centuries. We are an ecumenical missional community of lay people and clergy.  We exist to re:evangelize our post Christian culture, just as Aidan and the ancient Christian community of Lindisfarne re:evangelized North Umbria and the British Isles.


We are a missionary province of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches, an Evangelical, Charismatic, and Sacramental worldwide Christian Communion represented in over 22 nations. We are graciously shepherded by Archbishop Wayne Boosahda.  Fr. Jon Aamodt serves as coordinator for the Society.

Saint Patrick
Saint Aidan
The Patron Saints of our Society are Patrick and Aidan: Apostles to the Irish and Anglo-Saxons. Patrick has been known historically as "the apostle to the Irish" and the spiritual father of ancient Irish/Celtic Christianity.  Saint Aidan, and other Celtic missionaries from his team, won North Umbria to Christ and re:evangelized Britain and barbarian Europe. The Wild Goose (how the ancient Celts referred to The Holy Spirit) is sending us out in the Spirit of Patrick and Aidan to help re:evangelize the nations and reach the unreached people of the Earth.

Our Rhythm of Life

Our rhythm of life is rooted in spiritual disciplines and intentional community. Members commit to a daily habit of prayer, reading, and growing with other members in the faith.

Missional Networking

We will partner with any body who will partner with us in faithfully sharing the Good News of Jesus! 

The Society welcomes any member of the Body of Christ to partner with us in the work of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, making disciples for Him, caring for the poor and needy in His Name, ministering to the downtrodden and advancing the Kingdom of God everywhere.

Who Might be Served by a Partnership with the Society?

Those Desiring Ordination in historic apostolic succession and membership in the Society as a missionary deacon or priest.  It's also possible to be ordained within The Society, while maintaining clergy credentials with another church or denomination.  

Lay People desiring a more intentional spiritual journey within The Society's Rhythm of Life .  A rhythm of life rooted in spiritual disciplines and intentional community. Members commit to a daily habit of prayer, reading, and growing with other members in the faith. Any person, regardless of current denomination or church affiliation are welcome to join The Society with full participation in our events and gatherings. 

Church Planters who want kindred soul friendship with The Society, spiritual covering, and practical resources.

Churches, Church Planters, Clergy, Individuals, and Ministries may find themselves wanting to remain in their present denomination or ministry context, but are also looking for a greater community for a number of reasons:

You wish to join the Society as a modality to expand your spiritual growth and ministry.  Perhaps, as one might join a parachurch mission society.

​​Your present denomination has abandoned biblical orthodoxy and you want to connect to the Society for spiritual and ministry support.

Your church started out as an independent congregation, but now feels the call to connect with a wider spiritual community.

Your independent parachurch ministry, neo-monastic community, or intentional Christian living community wants connection and covering with a wider spiritual community.


Your ministry or your church desires a deeper experience with liturgy, or with the gifts and ministry of The Holy Spirit, and wants to reach out for resources in exploring and introducing them to your church.

We can be a resource to you! Let's discuss how we may be of service.

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