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Manuals for Holy Communion at The Table

How to Celebrate a Liturgical Eucharist

Do you come from a non-liturgical background?  No worries.  This practical manual will explain the "whys" and "hows" of celebrating a liturgical Eucharist.

Items Used in a Liturgical Eucharist

If you come from a non-liturgical background, no one expects that you will know the names of all the items used in a liturgical Eucharist.  This concise PDF will guide you.

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Simple Worship Liturgy in Small Groups

"Simple Worship" is not "shallow worship". In fact, Simple Worship communities may offer some of the most intimate and enriching times of worship in the Lord's presence. A typical order of Simple Worship might include the following:

Gather in the Lord's Name and Exchange the Peace

Either here or elsewhere in the service, all greet one another in the name of the Lord.

Proclaim and Respond to the Word of God

The proclamation and response may include readings, song, talk, dance, instrumental music, other art forms, silence. A reading from the Gospel is usually included.

Pray for the World, the Church, and Each Other

Prepare the Table

Some of those present prepare the table; the bread, the cup of wine.

Celebrate The Eucharist

With use of Christ's words of institution and of the elements ordained by Him.  If a priest is present, include a consecration (epiclesis) .  Reciting the Lord's Prayer is also encouraged.

Prayer or Blessing, and Sending Forth


Simple Worship

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