Father Chase Crichton

Walla Walla, Washington

Greetings in the Name of The Lord!


Thank you for your interest and even participation in the Society of St. Patrick and St. Aidan!   I'm a Missionary Priest in the Society serving in a local church on the Senior Leadership Team with pastoral ministry in the vibrant town of Walla Walla in southeastern Washington state.  As a "tentmaker" for provision, I am a Global Director of Sales for a large Semiconductor Integrated Circuits corporation and have travelled to much of the world in business, mission, and study tour.   Please let me know how I can be of service or encouragement to you or the ministry you are serving in or looking for.    Please  ask me if you have any questions that I may be of assistance with as it will be my pleasure to be of service to you.


Here is some background on me that may help you relate to my context or identify areas of interest:


I was raised in a home that experienced divorce, single parenting, poverty, and step-parenting, along with multiple location moves; and the church community was not part of my upbringing.   I served for four years in the US Marine Corps, began attending  a local church-plant and encountered the Lord in powerful ways.  I  have been married to my wife for 36 years and serving or leading in ministry for 30 years in both small and large churches and all the while remaining young at heart and remembering to have fun, and have two grown children and four grandchildren.  I am ordained in The Gospel Ministry and graduated from two Baptist seminaries with a Master's in Christian Education and a Doctorate in Ministry.  Currently, I'm in process of being ordained in Apostolic Succession with the Society and in recognition by the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches.  


This is an exciting journey of learning so much more about our early Christian heritage and how it applies today, and especially joining in with a movement of the convergent streams of Evangelical, Charismatic, and Sacrament.  I feel the balance and wholeness of this convergence and am excited to bless others by sharing in it.  Some particulars about my ministry experience that may be of interest or use to you are:

  • Small Groups Ministry and Multiplication

  • Growing Disciples

  • Bi-Vocational / Volunteer Ministry

  • Church Planting (experience in Evangelical, Charismatic, and Sacramental contexts)

  • Community Building and Leadership

  • Christian Education

  • Personal Spiritual Growth; including experiences, disciplines, and the power of Holy Love

  • Word and Power Ministry that also embraces the mystery of the Holy Sacraments

  • Conferences and Retreats

  • Public Speaking

  • Personal ministry to others; families, couples, and individuals


Blessings and Love in Jesus to You, 


Fr. Chase