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Walla Walla, Washington

Greetings in the Beautiful Name of the Lord!

I’m a Missionary Priest in the SSPSA and The Canon Missioner to the Archbishop I live with my wife of 39 years in the town of Walla Walla in southeastern Washington state.  It would be my joy to connect with you and be of service in ministry to you and to pray for you. 


Father Chase Crichton

My background includes two seminaries with Masters and Doctoral degrees and a pastoral  journey that swam through the streams of Baptist, Vineyard, and non-denominational churches that finally led to the Convergence Movement that myself and a growing number of so many others are experiencing such fullness and a sense of home in. I learned and experienced much in the more individual or isolated steams and am thrilled that in the missional Society within the CEEC we don’t have to leave any of them behind but rather add to and integrate them (with the caring fellowship of the SSPSA and prayerful encouraging support & mentorship of our Archbishop) into this large and majestic flowing river that is fed from the springs of the earliest apostolic traditions yet continues to flow now and will keep moving into the future as Living Waters from Christ for the world. 


In Walla Walla over the past seven years I have served on a pastoral ministry leadership team at a local non-denominational church and also planted a neighborhood House Chapel where I served as the pastor and led the weekly Eucharist didn’t the pandemic.  I actively engage in ecumenical bridge-building with other pastors and Christians in the community.  Recently and currently  I am in covenant partnership with a local ECO Presbyterian church as an Elder where we’ve launched a three-streams integrated liturgical “Communion Vespers” worship service every Friday evening.  It provides an Open Eucharist Table for the Christian community in the valley and is also accessible to seekers while prioritizing the fullness of the Gospel.  We also hope to launch a network of home-based “One Another” small groups that are missional and multiply. 

As a "tentmaker" for provision, I am a Global Director of Sales for a large Semiconductor Integrated Circuits corporation and have travelled to much of the world with my time in the USMC, business, mission, and study tour.   Please let me know how I can be of service or encouragement to you in the ministry you are serving in or are looking for. Please contact me if you have any questions that I truly hope to be of assistance with. 


Blessings and Love in Jesus to You, 


The Rev. Canon Chase Crichton 

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